Trying Watercolours and September Week 2

I was curious to see how much water my LT1917 journal could hold, as flicking back the journal was quite black and white. I had previously done a quick test in August, but I didn't try very many techniques. That lead me to trying to paint a Totoro (because I'm on a Totoro kick) themed cake after seeing RonnyCakes post!

Write here...

Write here...

It held up pretty well! So I decided to try to use it to do this week's setup!


My workspace

My workspace

You can see me starting to work on my setup there. I'm using a Schmincke Half-pan Watercolour palette, and I have a card of swatches on cream paper that I bring around with me so I can see what colours the pans (little paint cubes) have.

I usually sketch everything out in pencil first before I do any inking and drawing. This didn't help me this week as I derped 45 seconds in and screwed up the calendar on the left! I had to go through with my signo gel pen and write the first week of dates again. There are 7 days in a week Jann, not 8! You know this ha!

You can see my favourite pens on the right of this picture. I will do a proper write up about each one.

The items used in this spread are:

  • LT1917 in Gold with a 2016 'Piece' Hobonichi Cousin Cover
  • Schmincke Half-pan Water Colour Palette
  • Y Studio Classic Sketching Mechanical Pencil
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen
  • Sakura Pigma Micron in 001
  • 'Silver' watercolour brushes
  • Uniball Signo White Gel Pen 1.0mm


All finished!

All finished!

Here's how it turned out! I actually really liked the colour on this and it brings a little fun to my journal. I've kept the items that I put in pretty much the same:

  • A monthly overview calendar on the left (my brain can't think of dates in any other format and its good to have it next to me to refer to all the time as it sits on my desk)
  • My hydration tracker. 8 Squares for each day, that I colour in as I go along and hopefully reach the top
  • My "No Spend!" tracker, which is pretty simple. Things that are not necessities (like groceries) incur a no-tick day. I have an expenses table at the beginning of my journal which I fill out taxable items, and things like groceries, and naughty things I buy, so I can refer to that table to see why I was bad that day!
  • 7 days. My weekends are Woo! days as I try not to plan very much and just chill on weekends, so I combine those two together, so I only need six squares. I use my journal at work as well, so sometimes I need a daily if there are a lot of project items going on. Last week I used this 6-grid style and it worked quite well, so I am testing it again this week!

See some detail shots below!

I am slowly thinking about what content I should put up here for the blog! So I will begin to give you a list of my favourite items to use, and why, as I have amassed quite a collection being a stationery addict, as well as more detailed setups. This week I also tried filming a more detailed video but it was a slight disaster (ha!) so I might need to try that again.

Other things:

I've noticed that my instagram seems to not be working properly, and I can no longer engage with a wider audience as my posts don't seem to show up on hashtags unless you are already following me. It makes me sad, but what can I do? If anyone knows any solutions to this, please tell me :)