A lookback at August

August was a crazy busy month for me, but there is something awesome about looking back at the month and seeing how many X's you have through your bullet journal! It is quite awesome seeing how much you have accomplished. Without further ado, you can see my August Flipthrough on the video below, or on my Instagram.

I learnt a lot this month. Like, mistakes don't really matter - like Bob Ross says, turn them into birds! Take each day as it comes, and you don't have to make everything perfect. Use the journal as much as you can, so that it can be the constant companion you need. I tried many different weekly layouts, and I just like having a change week to week, so I don't mind making different ones. The monthly though, I found worked really well for me, so I will be keeping a similar layout in September.

Goals for September? I want to draw more. Not just doodles, but proper drawings! Lets see how that goes! I also want to fill up this blog a bit... so now I need to think of content. 

Tell me what you would like to see in the future on this blog - more videos? Tutorials? Reviews? Let me know x.