Here you can find links to download resources, or tutorials that I have available.


Tutorial: Watercolouring in a Bullet Journal

One of my most common questions was "How come your paper doesn't bleed or buckle in your journal?" I use a Leuchtturm1917 (I love it), but the paper is thinner than watercolour, so there are some little techniques that I have do which is different to painting on watercolour paper. In this video, I go through the materials that I use, as well as go through a short painting exercise to compare painting in a journal with thin paper, compared to actual watercolour stock. I hope you all find this helpful!


Calligraphy/Lettering Tutorial Download Sheets

These sheets are designed to be accompanied by the Calligraphy Tutorial Video (Coming Soon). They are free to download, but do not redistribute.

Blank Calligraphy Sheets (Sheets with Guidelines only, to practice words)

Capital Letter Practice Sheets (Guides for Capital letters)

Lower Case Practice Sheets (Guides for Lower Case Letters)

I recommend that you try practicing capital and lower case first, and using the blank sheets to combine the letters to practice words after.